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Don’t have cable or don’t want to add an expensive sports package to your plan just to watch motorcycle racing? Now you don’t have to thanks to online streaming service Watching Marquez and Rossi duke it out just got a whole lot easier.

Many people bemoaned BeIN Sports’ acquisition for the television rights to the three motorcycle road racing series because it pulled MotoGP from Fox Sports 1, which was included in many people’s basic cable package. And, while the move does make it more difficult for some people to watch the series, BeIN has actually done a fantastic job with their coverage.


Races are shown without commercial breaks and with solid commentary and coverage for the other classes races as well, not to mention that they show the races for all three series.

Now, anyone with an internet connection can watch motorcycle road racing thanks to Their membership, which costs $10/month, will get you access to BeIN Sports Connect where you can stream coverage from all three of the racing series. They even offer a free 24 hour trial if you want to give it a shot this weekend before signing up.

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