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We Went To Mama Tried And Put NOS On A Sportster // VLOG 5

Finally, a video I’m actually kind of proud of.

Turns out, the learning curve for learning to shoot video is steep. Unfortunately, so is the learning curve for figuring out how to edit video.


Needless to say, I’m pretty bad at both but we’re getting there and today marks the official launch of “Riding with SeanMacD” - my new youtube series.

Harley asked if I’d come out and help build a bike with Maxim Magazine’s Chris Nelson and former Miss Supercross Dianna Dahlgren and, like the 13 year old that I am, I asked if I could bring a friend.

Joe and I were basically useless outside of our eager attempts at making the whole thing fun, and the experience overall was amazing.

We have a ton of fun stuff in the works including a new interview series, an awful Iron Butt challenge, wheelie school, a ride around the south on a Motus, lots of supermoto things, and a bunch of other ones I don’t want to share in case they don’t happen.


Hope you enjoy this one and keep the feedback coming!

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