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Two Wheels Best
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As anyone reading this knows by now, I was let go from Gawker Media. Here’s what I can tell you.

Let me start with this. I can’t, or won’t, talk about the specifics of anything that happened with anyone at Gawker. It’s bad form, it’s not fair to them or me, and it just doesn’t matter. A lot of people have said a lot of really nice things about my work with Lanesplitter, but complaining to them about this decision won’t help, and continuing to click on their content only confirms their move.


More honestly, I learned a ton from those guys and am truly thankful for the experience. Those guys work their asses off like no one I’ve ever worked with, and it was exhilarating to swim alongside them a while. Their decision to let me go was a complete shock and very difficult to swallow, but that’s just life.

One of you was kind enough to inform me that there were some positive comments on the latest LS article that would brighten my day, and boy were they right. As I’ve said many times, the thing that keeps me going on the hard days isn’t the new bikes or gear - it’s the community of riders I get to interact with.

The comments/emails/tweets from readers who are bummed at my absence or who reached out to tell me they bought a bike or started riding because of me means a lot, and is a huge factor as I decide if I want to stay in this profession.

The comments also seemed to convey that people think this has something to do with a brand complaining to my bosses about me because of something I wrote. I can assure you that it is not the case. This wasn’t because I opened conversations around adventure bikes or cruisers. In fact, the big reason you see Harley ads on the site is because they liked that we talked about that stuff instead of just picking a side and bashing it. Similarly, and while they would have loved a glowing review, Ducati wasn’t upset about anything I wrote either.


Every brand knows I want them to succeed and any criticism I give is with the hope of helping them improve. And they would much rather have you trust that my opinions, as silly as they might be, are my own for the times they nail it (Low Rider S, 959 Panigale, Hyper, etc).

I’m still having conversations with a few people, and trying to find a new home where I can help the outlet grow and improve while still getting to be myself and create the kind of community we had with Lanesplitter.


In the mean time, I’ll try and share some content on this page, as well as work I’m doing for other outlets. So give this a follow and a share or follow me on Twitter or Instagram. Who knows, if this thing grows, maybe I’ll do my own thing (though making money on content which is consumed for free is near impossible).

Anyways, thanks for giving a shit about having a place to talk about motorcycles. I look forward to trying to write for you guys in the future, even if you do eat me alive for typos or brain farts.


See you soon.

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