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MotoGP + Supercross + Road Rash Is My New Favorite Sport

Motorcycle racing can, at times, be a contact sport - but this is taking the term “rubbing is racing” a little far.


Jakub Kornfeil had only one option when Enea Bastianini crashed directly ahead of him exiting the final corner, and it wasn’t “I had to lay ‘er down.”

As reported to

“I just saw the bike in front of me, so [I knew] I could make the perfect jump.

I just said, ‘OK, it’s like during motocross training’ - just open the gas, try to survive in the air and stay on the bike.

When I landed it was very soft in the stones, I didn’t feel anything.

The problem a little bit was when I was in the air my airbag exploded and this made me a little bit uncomfortable, but when I landed somehow I saved it, I don’t know how.

I just stayed [on] the gas. Going in my mind was only one sentence, ‘keep the gas’, because I know when you land in motocross you always need to have [the] throttle [opened].

The only problem was, not my balls, my penis hurt a lot in the last lap!”

Post race analysis revealed Kornfeil’s jump was 9.6 or 9.7 meters in length - aka farther than I can jump an actual dirt bike on a motocross track.


There’s a joke in there somewhere about his dick hurting and size and this outrageous save - but I just don’t think I can sell it this morning.

Stay safe out there.

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