Two Wheels Best
Two Wheels Best

Meta is making some of the most interesting and forward-thinking content in the motorcycle industry space. Their videos range across various types of riding - and can sometimes skew towards to the slightly odd.

But in a world where same stories are often told time and time again, and often using many of the same people, Meta’s videos are a refreshing and interesting look and prove that you don’t have to be a world class Supercross rider or MotoGP superstar (or even a motorcycle journalist) to be out there having the time of your life on a motorcycle or making a cool film.

Illustration for article titled Metas Latest Film Immunity Takes Us To The Stunning Swing Arm City

Their latest film “Immunity” takes us to Swing Arm City in Utah, a place at the top of my bucket list (and a place many of my friends are driving to today) and a mecca of both writing and making pretty pictures. It features dirt bike badass Aaron McClintock, who teamed up with Meta and filmmaker Dylan Wineland with the goal of sharing what made dirt bikes so special:

Our goal was to define riding dirtbikes outside of just big hits and half naked Monster girls. More than entertainment, we wanted to make this video an experience for the viewer. The term “I do what I love to escape” is something that Aaron and myself disagree with. We believe it is quite opposite of that. Our belief being that when you are doing what you love, you are completely tuned in and as close to reality as you can humanly be. It’s like a form of meditation. When Aaron is at the bar, he is tuned out. He is having troubles facing reality but knows exactly what he has to do in order to heal himself. That is where we coined the term Immunity. It is an act of healing. So Aaron leaves his demons behind in order to find himself through riding his motorcycle.” - Meta’s blog

Check out Meta’s site for their full write-up and more rad photos.

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