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I'm Trying Something New...You Guys Ready To Watch Some Dumb Motorcycle Videos On The Internet??

Just kidding, I know the answer to that

It seems like a lifetime ago that my job was to wake up, open a fresh Kinja page, and find some motorcycle shit to talk about with you all. If I’m honest, I miss it. A lot.

Is this thing still on? Is the whole crew still here? You guys were the magic of it all.


Anyways, I know that my stuff at Cycle World wasn’t the same as it was here, and that’s okay. I learned a ton and it’s been an amazing experience in itself.

The good news is that the motorcycle media landscape, while struggling indeed, has presented me with a new opportunity. That’s right ya ding dongs, I’m taking my talents to South Beach...err, I mean video.

Bonnier (Cycle World’s parent company) realizes that we need someone to bring the fun and enthusiasm back into motorcycles. Even more, I was able to convince them that due to a changing media landscape, that the best way to do that is through a Vlog series.


So I’m a vlogger now—except I have Cycle World behind me to help grant me the access, opportunities, and knowledge to try and do it in a way worth actually watching. The goal is one video a week, with basically free rein to go make the most fun and compelling content I can. I began teaching myself how to use video editing apps over the holidays while I was laid up (I have the back of a very old man), and I’ve already got a few videos posted and a few more in the works.

I don’t know if any of you will see this or still follow or read, but I’d love to have you follow along and subscribe on my YouTube if you’re interested. Maybe I’ll try and post them here too so we can get our comments section back.


Would love to hear your feedback and any tips you have on how to suck less. Yes, I know I need to learn to speak more slowly. Does anyone know how to make my voice deeper?

I don’t know if I’ll ever be the moto version of Casey Neistsat, but I’m gonna do my best. More importantly (and like everything else), it’s going to be a fun ride.


Also, I committed to a fuuuuuck ton of videos, so any help you can offer with ideas is greatly appreciated.

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